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                            toughened glass


  Toughened glass comes in many different sizes and colours, balustrades glass sizes vary from 8mm up to 25mm, many different colours are available and range from Brown - Green - Blue - Grey - Clear.  You may also choose for the glass to be sandblasted with a pattern/design of your choice.

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Toughened safety glass is four to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and is ideally suited to most safety critical applications. However, its use at high level must be subject to careful consideration because if it is broken the glass will shatter into small pieces and will no longer support a load or act as a barrier. Consequently, toughened glass that is not fully framed is likely to fall from its fixings.


The safe solution is Tufflam which consists of sheets of toughened Safety glass bonded together with a tough plastic interlayer which enhances safety and security as well as retaining glass fragments in the event of breakage.

Toughened glass is one of a wide range of forms of glass, and is often referred to as tempered glass. It is, as the name suggests, much stronger than standard glass and as such has many very useful applications. Indeed, toughened glass is used widely – alongside laminated glass – in the windows of cars and other passenger vehicles, as being much more difficult to break it is a safer option in the event of an accident.

The processes involved in creating toughened glass are a combination of chemical treatments and the use of special heating controls when making the glass; subjecting the glass to certain heat when under construction can help increase its strength, and the chemicals are used to enhance this process.