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                                       Self Cleaning Glass

We now offer DOUBLE SIDED Self clean glass coating on our balcony glass panels



Self cleaning glass balconies and self cleaning glass on patio doors and glass windows are now available.

On our balcony systems we can now supply our glass, usually 10mm toughened glass, with the new patented hydrophobic protective coating. Glass balustrades now with this coating will remain cleaner for longer and will required a lot less cleaning. Maintenance will be reduced by at least 50% and can be even up to 90%

Cleaning the glass requires just a cloth and some water, no chemicals or detergents and the glass is again as new. No chlorine, chloride or bleaches to damage your skin and the environment. We can compare this protective coating very much to the way Teflon ® protects your frying pan, it is not that your frying pan does not need cleaning if it has Teflon, it’s just that less dirt and grime will stick to it and it will be much easier to clean. The coating will protect the glass from dirt and grime and this will wash off easily but it will require to be cleaned. Same as you rinse off the frying pan when you have finished using it.

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